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First, buy a house for example, at a cost of 5, gold and upgrade it a lot. Then, place your most expensive trophies in there for example, Champion Seal and Bandit Seal and sell the house. It should have sold for 8, gold. Then, break into the house and get your trophies back. The house should cost 5, gold again. Repeat 630 to gain 3, gold in profit each time. First, complete the game and save a lot of money about 50, gold.

Then, go to Oakvale and slaughter the town. Purchase a few houses and rent them out. Sleep a few days and collect rent; preferably six times asleep for maximum money. Buy more houses and repeat the steps. After owning all of Oakvale, rent it all out. You can collect around 25, gold in about 5 minutes doing cash runs. Marry the mayor's daughter of loss town then kill the mayor somewhere in the woods, where you trick him into going.

Most mayors are loaded with gold. Because you are married to the daughter, you will inherit all the money. Once you have the money, kill your wife then leave town. Note: If the mayor has any sons you must kill them before you kill the mayor, or else you could be sentenced to death, so to speak. The easiest way to get money is to become evil. Kill people and get the gold from their money bags. If you do things in the first part of the game, be it all good things or all bad things, you will chaets credited with an extra gold coin at the end of the mission.

Once you have earned your first trophy for example, Queen Wasp Head, etc. Buy a marital home, then live in it. Wait until dark, and when nobody is around, break down the door. Loss a trophy on the trophy plaque on the wall. When you sell your home, the value should have increased by at least to gold. Go back inside and remove the trophy. When you buy the house, the value should return to normal and you will keep the fable 2 xbox 360 cheats lose weight gold. Repeat this to get as much gold as you desired.

Try other trophies and marital homes for more gold. Your character will now have the power to steal. Steal from shops, then sell the stolen items back to the shopkeeper. However, you cannot be seen. On the top left corner of the map is display with a number inside it. When it is blank, then steal. If it reads "1" and is a dotted line, try to steal, but make sure the camera angle is facing the door. You can also try giving the shop owner some beer to make him drunk and push him outside the shop.

If he is still drunk when you are done stealing, hold Down on weight loss headache fatigue D-pad. When you see a little thing on the bottom weigyt up, you can press A and teleport to a new city. Sell the items that you stole there. Before the archeologist quest, buy a few houses. Then world save and load that save again. When you load, teleport to Witchwood and start the quest.

Then, teleport back to the town fahle bought the houses at. Sell them, then hero save and load. You will still have the houses and the gold you obtained by selling them. After you load, you can just teleport to Witchwood and do it again. Note: When this is done, you cannot marry Lady Grey. In the first level of the game where you must buy your sister a present, you can do good deeds and get the money from you father or do bad deeds such as taking the bribe from the cheating husband.

You can do all good deeds and get four coins from 3660 dad or bad deeds and the coins also. However, you can do good fable 2 xbox 360 cheats lose weight evil to get a totalof six coins. First, talk to the girl about the bear. Then, go to fable 2 xbox 360 cheats lose weight house and see the cheating husband.

Take his bribe and get one coin. Then, tell on him to his wife to get a good deed. Next, go to the man who has the barns and must weigbt to the bathroom. Start smashing the barrels until you find a coin. Then, run back to the two stacks and get a good deed. You now have two coins and two more coming from your dad. Go over to the bully, beat him up, and get Rosie. Give Rosie to the girl and you will now have two evil coins and four from your father.

When you get married, you will get a little or a lot of money from your wife, but not enough to cover the cost of the ring. Be very rude to her, give her the finger, and insult her, but do not hit her.

Xbox 360 - Fable 2 - Infinite Gold Cheat

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