How to reduce belly fat fast at home in urdu

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For getting a flat stomach or to lose belly fat do we need to ab workouts exercise? The answer is both yes and no! See, there is no shortcut to selectively burn belly fat, but there are workouts to burn overall body fat. But to get six pack abs, you need to workout for abs routinely. Many people urd that they can achieve a toned stomach by eating what they want as long as they do enough fat stomach exercises and abdominal exercises.

This is not true! This page is based on nutrition and calories in Indian Food. By knowing how many calories are there in the food items, you wil get motivation to lose weight. You should not go for crash diet. Instead, you should reduce calories to lose weight. Spaghetti Bolognese French Omelette Egg Cutlets Ghia Kofta Curry Vanilla Ice Cream Cream of mix vegetable Soup Peas and Cabbage Subji Gobhi Mutter Paalak Meat Paalak Mutton Masala Cheese Open Beans and Macaroni Methi Paratha Black Channa Pulao Fresh Fruit Punch Cold Lemon Souffle Mathri Cracked Wheat Porridge Bely Kheer Cream of Carrot Gajar Soup Masala Onion Pakoras Uttapam Uthappa, Utthappam Potato Aalu Kofta Curry Vegetable Nargisi Kofta Curry Channa Dal with Ghia Chenna Murkhi Cold Vanilla Souffle Phimi French Dressing Bengal Fish Curry Bharwa Stuffed Ghia Devilled Eggs Bathua Raita Masala Dosa Dosai Vegetable Tarkari Poha How to reduce belly fat fast at home in urdu Flakes Danish Luncheon Sandwiches How to reduce belly fat fast at home in urdu Nugget Sweet and Sour Besan Gatte Curry Green Pea Soup Mutter Soup Aloo Methi Pea Mutter Curry Hot Orange Souffle Besan Poories Khoa Laddoo Puffy Omelette Carrot Halva Gaajar Halwa Hot Chocolate Souffle Pea Mutter Cholia Vadi Curry Pea Mutter Paratha Mushroom Pulao Conflakes with Milk Doodh Shepherd's Pie Rajma Curry During udru past decade or so, Indian food has become popular globally.

How to reduce belly fat fast at home in urdu my western friends are asking me this question: how many calories are there in chapati and dosa Indian food? The same friends used to ask six years ago: how many calories are there in coffee or gow, apple, banana, pasta, bacon and so on? It is therefore how to reduce belly fat fast at home in urdu timely task for me to help them burn or save calories by devising a tool to calculate calories burned by workout on one side and providing calories in Indian food in tabular form on the other.

Indian food is different from western food in that the former has more carbohydrates, grains, less protein compared to western diet, yet enough protein from nutrition point of viewless animal food. Twenty to thirty years ago Indian food used to be hiw natural and less processed, but in the last decade Indians are exposed to more processed, packaged and also more fast food. It becomes therefore necessary to provide nutrition chart for whole foods recipes of Indian style.

Traditional Indian cooking methods make food tastier, more nutritious and less calorie-dense. This is ideal for people aiming to lose weight. Being based more on plants and less on animals, Indian diet is rich in natural fiber which is good for cholesterol lowering, better digestion, lowering the risk of colon cancer, and also fat loss.

It is also called roti. This delicious flat bread ag from wheat flour has most of the nutrients in whole wheat dough. Compared to noodles or white bread, chapati is highly nutritious and healthy for weight watchers, diabetics and those suffering from heart disease. This lentil and legume preparation is like a curry. If we look at the nutrition facts, we shall realize how nutritious and low calorie this humble but wonderful1 dish is!

I have given only two examples of Indian food articles in order to emphasize its richness in nutrients and leanness in terms of fat and calories. The reason why traditional Indian diet is so healthy is that unlike other diets, minimum processing and refining is done to it. Whatever small amounts of nutrients are lost in cooking are negligible bellyy to other highly processed and packaged foods. In southern parts of India, in states like Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Andhra idli, dosa and utthappam are very popular.

Despite being very tasty when served with chatni and sambar, these dishes are low in calories, high in nutrients and fiber and can be part of heart-healthy weight loss diet.

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