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ECE is also called "green slime disease" since the most obvious clinical sign of this illness is green diarrhea. With guinea pigs, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Hair loss in guinea pigs can happen for a number of. Fleas leave their brown-black waste that look like dirt. Your vigilance in watching for potential signs of illness needs to be matched by your vigilance in ensuring healthy conditions for your guinea pig. Ipgs caught early, most illnesses can be cured fairly easily rapid weight loss guinea pigs a course of antibiotics safe for guinea pigs.

Donnelly, BVSc, DVP, DACLAM, DABVP ECMThe Kenneth S Warren Institute Guinea pigs, like chinchillas, are hystricognath rodents. They belong to the family Cavidae, which contains 14 species of animals commonly known as cavies rapid weight loss guinea pigs Patagonian hares or maras. Four digits on the forepaw and three on the hindfoot characterize Cavidae. A stocky build, large head, short legs, and unfurred, short ears characterize guinea pigs.

Head and body length is — mm, there is no external tail, and weight is —1, g. In South America, wild cavies inhabit rocky areas, savannas, forest edges, and swamps from Columbia and Venezuela southward to Brazil rapid weight loss guinea pigs northern Argentina. They live in groups of up to 10 individuals and inhabit burrows that they or other animals dig. They are most active at night, when they forage for a variety of plant materials.

Domestication of the guinea pig began at least by BCE and may have begun as early as 5, BCE. The American Cavy Breeders Association recognizes 13 breeds that it divides into groups or varieties. The most common breed is the American cavy and was known originally as the English cavy. Self cavies are a group of solid-colored animals eg, black, cream, red, lilac, beige, lozs, and chocolate.

Nonselfs are a group made up of the coated breeds, the marked breeds, and the ticked or agouti breeds. The coated cavies include the Abyssinian, Rex, Longhaired varieties Peruvians, Silkies, Shelties, Coronets, and TexelsCrested, Teddy, and Satins. The short, wire-haired Abyssinian may look unhealthy because its coat is arranged in whorls or rosettes, giving it a ruffled, untidy appearance. An undercoat and projecting guard hairs make up the normal fur coat of a cavy.

The Rex has short guard hairs that do not appear above the level of the undercoat, the Satin breeds have an abnormal hair fiber that produces a sheen, and the Teddy breeds have a kinked or bent hair shaft that causes the coat to stand erect over the entire body. The marked group contains Dalmatian, tortoise shell, and Himalayan varieties. Several researchers have analyzed guinea pig calls and distinguish between 7 and 11 distinct sound weightt.

Although different authors have given different names to each unique sound, there is general agreement on at least 7 sounds. Many small lymphocytes are similar in size to erythrocytes. Large lymphocytes contain Kurloff bodies, large intracytoplasmic mucopolysaccharide inclusion bodies. Kurloff bodies are seen under normal conditions in guinea pigs and are estrogen dependent. Can you lose weight with just dumbbells are few Kurloff bodies in adult males, and they are rarely seen in newborns.

Like chinchillas, guinea pigs share unusual reproductive physiologic characteristics of hystricomorph rodents. They have a vaginal closure membrane that is open at estrus and parturition but sealed during anestrus and pregnancy. Guinea pigs have an average of 4 young per litter, with a range of 1— The young of both species are born fully furred and well developed. Young guinea pigs usually nurse for 21 days, although they can survive on solid food alone after 5 days.

Rapid weight loss guinea pigs pigs have only a buinea rapid weight loss guinea pigs of inguinal nipples. Wdight guinea pigs have pronounced penile styles or spicules on the glans penis. Guinea pigs live 6—8 yr. As a species, guinea pigs are extremely adaptable to a great range of climates, although as individuals they are highly susceptible to variations in local temperature and humidity. Guinea weiyht are nervous animals and may refuse to drink or eat for a period after any significant change in their location, feed, or husbandry.

The effect of environmental changes on guinea pigs is minimal or nonexistent when two animals are kept together. If a sick guinea pig rapid weight loss guinea pigs guimea kept in hospital, housing a cagemate with the sick animal reduces stress. Guinea pigs live weighg family units centered on an alpha male. Mature males, and especially strangers, will fight.

However, two males raised together from a rapid weight loss guinea pigs age or a group of nonbreeding females will not encounter dominance problems. Social problems are diminished with castration and ovariohysterectomy, but learned behavior in adult males after castration may still make them rapid weight loss guinea pigs.

How to help a guinea pig gain weight

Guinea Pigs. By Thomas M. Donnelly, BVSc, DVP, DACLAM, DABVP(ECM), The Kenneth S Warren Institute. Bill Gates' Philanthropy: 30, Indian girls used as guinea pigs to test cancer vaccine. Monday, October 03, by: L.J. Devon, Staff Writer. How to Know if a Pet Guinea Pig Is Ill. Taking care of a pet guinea pig involves a good bit of work, but comes with many rewards in return. During your daily care.

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