Weight loss after depot lupron

Jeans will not button anymore. So am I hearing that we can actually lose weight while Eating less and exercising as much as this old body will let me. The first time I had severe endo. However, I have been reading that Lupron really helps a lot of people.

I am interested in finding out why Lupron can cause weight gain. Just wondering what the bio-mechanism is and whether or not it can be interrupted by dieting or under-eating. I had RP two years ago, biochemical recurrence this Spring, and just finished salvage radiation therapy. I will find out whether seight not the radiation had the desired effect sometime in August.

Having had a Gleason score of 9, I understand that the odds are against the radiation having "cured" me. So, I am preparing myself mentally and, hopefully, physically for the next steps meaning Lupron. Any afer on preventing weight gain with Lupron? Just be careful weight loss after depot lupron the hormone therapy. In Rommies case, he didn't mind the radiation as much Now he says, "If I had to do this all over again, I would never of had the Hormone treatment.

My husband had rp almost a year ago. Has been on lupron since. Has some hot flashes, but not too bad. He is maintaining a vegan diet and exercising at least three times a week, including weight bearing. Weight loss after depot lupron realize it is only a year, but the side effects seem worth the alternative. Be interested in this thread as I am up 20 pounds in 4 months.

Eating less and exercising as much as this old body will let me. I did hear that it has something to do with fat distribution and muscle loss : Not sure if that is accurate, the doc. Only drawn back is it's a monthly injection. Meyers started los on it three months ago and I have no particular side effects from it. Maybe a little soreness around the injection site but that's no big deal and only last a day or weght. I did Lupron and weight loss after depot lupron for 4 years.

I've been on Lupron 9 months now and have a marked loss of muscle mass and bone density. Haven't gained weight, but the weight now is "baby belly fat" rather than muscle mass. Have little energy and of course do have the hot flash crap. My psa at dx was 3. God Bless and hang in there! Weight loss after depot lupron, my understanding for the root cause of weight gain on HT, in particular LHRH drugs, is that your metabolism slows as a result of low testosterone; as a part of this, water retention can also account for added pounds.

One common side effect rarely reported is an increase in appetite - when i started Lupron, i was always hungry and looking to snack. One good way to satisfy this sensibly is to keep a supply of carrots and celery on hand! In my own case, notwithstanding daily aggressive exercise, my weight increased from around range to the range and I topped out at - that's quite a lot of weight on weight loss after depot lupron smaller frame.

I was on Lupron for 27 months and my weight has since returned to around For gpales - while it is great you are exercising, it is essential you include weight resistance routines. Not only will it help you retain muscle definition but also promote bone density. Studies have shown that aerobic exercise alone is not sufficient for men on hormone therapy. My oncologist said "your de;ot to turn from a little old man into a little old lady, UNLESS you exercise using free weights.

I rotate, one day chest, triceps and back, next day biceps and legs. Work out takes me from one hour and a quarter to hour and a half. I follow that up with 30 minutes of cardio. I will get back to my weight routines immediately. Have not started Lupron, yet, but lloss will in the next two to three months. Even though I've had salvage radiation, as I mentioned, I anticipate my PSA continuing to rise given a Gleason of 9.

My Gleason was also a 9. I did the C11 acetate test weight loss after depot lupron June and they found cancer in one rib and one vertebra. My PSA when I did the lupron shot July 9th was 2. My workout weight has stayed at I'm embarrased to say free weights that I started with but bench I'm up 20 lbs. We will always have some things that get us off our workout afte but we need to stay with our program the best we can.

As you know if you have lifted weights in the past, take a week or so off reduce visceral fat supplement it just depog easier and easier to not go at all and we don't have that option. Don't let workouts be an option. The odds are weight loss after depot lupron pretty good that the radiation will cure you.

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SIDE EFFECTS FOR LUPRON DEPOT: Work to get you body in alignment while you have a temporary " catchup period" afforded by lupron. After your Weight loss. Could Lupron depot cause Weight loss? Lupron depot and Weight increased; I have been on Lupron and Casodex for Pca. Can Lupron cause Weight Loss? Progesterone vs. Lupron Zoladex vs. Lupron Crinone vs. Lupron Depo Provera vs. Lupron Lupron Depot vs. Lupron . Related.

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