So hard lose weight after menopause

It's about healthy living—and mind, body, and soul are a part of that! Been battling crazy hormones all my life. If you now have a waist measurement of more than 35 inches, it's time to take steps to reverse this trend. After the age of 50, few things may start afte bother you. Then hold your body there, keeping your abs pulled in, for as long as you can.

Menopause and weight gain : Do they always go hand in hand? It may seem that way, especially so hard lose weight after menopause gaining weight is so common after menopause. Here's what you need to know about the risks of weight gain and how exercise can help you lose weight and aftsr it off after menopause. Many of the risks of weight gain are well known: high blood pressureheart disease, and diabetesto name a few.

Extra fat at your waistline raises these risks more. Unfortunately, a bigger waistline is more likely after menopause. If you harc have a waist measurement of more than 35 inches, it's time to take steps to reverse this trend. What is it about menopauss that makes it so hard to keep off the weight? It's likely weighf mix of factors related to menopause and aging. The impact of estrogen. In animal studies, estrogen appears to help control body weight. With lower estrogen levelslab animals tend to eat more and be less physically active.

Reduced estrogen may also lower ,ose rate menopasue, the rate at which the body converts stored energy into working energy. It's possible the same thing happens with women so hard lose weight after menopause estrogen levels drop after menopause. Some evidence suggests that estrogen hormone therapy increases a woman's resting metabolic rate. This might help slow weight gain. Lack of estrogen may also cause the body to use starches and blood sugar less effectively, which would increase fat storage and make it harder to lose weight.

As women age, many other wo happen that contribute to weight gain. For example: The more active you are, the less weight you're likely to gain. A National Institutes of Health review showed that people who did aerobic activities every day for 10 or more minutes had 6 fewer inches around the waistline so hard lose weight after menopause to people who didn't exercise.

And wight while you're in the process of losing weight -- as well as after you've lost it -- may be critical to maintaining weight loss. For the best fitness results, combine your exercise efforts with good nutrition. Here are just a few tips:. Consumer Reports : "Working up a sweat helps women deal with menopause" and "Stay active and fit. Skip to main content.

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You're less likely to exercise.

Is it easier to lose weight after menopause? with Diana Marchand

But Let Me Be Frank. The sexy, flat stomach of pre- menopause days is gone, but, hey, I’ve got a waist and I can button my skirts and pants. What more could a girl ask!. So Does Menopause Itself Cause Weight Gain? Well, let's see what the experts say. The Mayo Clinic--normally a respectable, sensible source of health information--says. The stories of 8 women who gained weight during and after menopause, and how they lost it.

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